Meet Terry Hill

Candidate for US Congressional Representative - District 42

I was born and raised in Southern California. My two sisters and I grew up in Cypress, a middle-class community, in Orange County. I moved to the Menifee area in the summer of 2000 to live with my future wife Leslie. My wife and I have been married for 15 years. We have resided the entire time in Menifee, Riverside's 42nd district.

 I am a proud second-generation member of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.  I recently celebrated my 25th year at Dean Foods, the largest dairy on the West coast. My father, a teamster, was one of the hardest working men I have ever known. One of the most important things he taught me was the value of the labor movement… and its honorable fight to give families the best opportunity to pursue the American dream. As a child my father's local felt like extended family. Union members refer to each other as “brother” and “sister”. Members are family through good times and bad: the birth of a child, divorce, loss of job, or even death. My father and his closest friends Willy, an African American, and Raul, a Latino, all took turns driving to Union meetings, protests, parties, and picnics. I learned to appreciate the differences in culture and food. I also learned to appreciate diversity. We were a little different, but mostly the same. We all wanted the American dream of a home, healthy family, good job, and bright future for the children. I later learned that our union was about more than just Christmas parties and picnics. The Union was instrumental in my father's ability to provide for our family. We could expect: a good paycheck, healthcare, a retirement pension, and representation if his employer was underpaying or expecting him to work in unsafe conditions. Simply put, a union represents its members and makes interactions with the employer fair for the employee.

In school I struggled with reading and writing. Years later, I was diagnosed with dyslexia, a complicated form of learning disability. In the early 70s dyslexia was commonly overlooked or misinterpreted. Teachers frequently assumed dyslexic children were either “lazy” or “slow”. I was told that I needed to work harder. Eventually, I was placed in a class for slower students.  However, I considered myself lucky. My mother's strength and unconditional love kept me grounded and on the right path. She instilled an honest work ethic in me… and I developed a strong belief in myself. I learned to compensate by remembering as much as I could. I didn’t need to take notes like other students. Helpful teachers allowed for verbal instead of written exams. I must admit, I have managed to get by without most people ever knowing about my disability. Friends, co-workers and even some family members are completely unaware of my dyslexia.

 Dyslexia is estimated to affect roughly 15 to 20 percent of the population, according to the International Dyslexia Association- which would mean about 1 million children in California schools. The majority of children with dyslexia fall through the cracks of our educational system. California’s recent passage of Assembly Bill 1369, that allows for resources to identify and assess dyslexia in students, is a step the right direction. However, we need to do so much more. If elected I would look forward to enacting legislation that would finally make a real difference for both children and adults with dyslexia.  

 I understand this has been a difficult time for so many. Most elected House members, like Ken Calvert, are millionaires. Calvert will continue to vote against the hard-working citizens of District 42 to further enrich himself and his wealthy donors.  Economic justice can only be restored with fair and equal representation. I hope to be chosen to represent District 42 to help restore the American Dream and create a brighter future. My love and respect of our great country and its citizens drive me forward to create a stronger middle-class that works for all of us.

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