Elect Terry Hill for  Congress - District 42


War has been declared on the middle-class. Out-of-control greed is destroying our Country. Our elected officials are owned by the wealthy. Enough is enough!

Terry Hill has a bold vision for the future of California’s District 42 and  invites Democrat, Republican, and Independent voters to join him to fight for the restoration of the working-class.

It’s time to fight back! Its time to get angry and do something about it! I’m not a career politician. I’m a regular blue-collar, hard-working guy. I am just like most of my neighbors, friends, family, and all the good people of district 42. We deserve better than this. We demand dignity, peace, prosperity, justice, sustainability, and an end to poverty.

The truth is too many families are struggling to keep food on the table and a roof over their head. We live paycheck to paycheck. 50% of us live on the edge of financial disaster, unable to cover the simple cost of a $400 financial emergency. A visit to the emergency room may mean borrowing or selling something to keep the electricity on.

Terry Hill is a regular blue-collar guy running against a millionare establishment opponent.

With the help of a donation, he can get on the ballot and run against Ken Calvert. Help him stop the Corruption in Washington and in District 42.

Terry Hill will fight to create an economy that works for everyone, not just the wealthy.

Sometimes, a family with two adults working full time still live below the poverty line. Americans work more hours than citizens of any Western European country. We pay more for our medical coverage, yet have the worst healthcare system when compared with the nine other wealthiest nations. We also pay three times more for essential medication. Time and time again, we see that the amount we pay in healthcare has no better outcome. Both Obama and Trump’s Healthcare policies have only benefited greedy insurance and drug companies with profits in the billions. For many of us retirement is becoming more of a dream than a reality. There is a graying of America’s homeless, 31% of the nations homeless population is over the age of 51.

 I struggle to find the words to communicate the truth of what may become. Unless we choose to act swiftly and restore the safeguards that all Americans depend on for life, liberty and happiness. Income inequality and the removal of our safety net will obliterate the middle-class.

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